built for iphone, ipad, and mac

built for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

hq network is an ad blocking VPN using a modern tech stack. set up takes less than 5 mins, no app required.

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intrusive ads and trackers

block intrusive ads

up to 79% of your data is wasted on ads and trackers.

coffee shop wifi, hacker risk

stay safe on sketchy wifi

limit hackers, man-in-the-middle, and spear phishing attacks.

protect all your devices inexpensively

keep your net neutral

internet providers track you, sell your data, and throttle your connection.

how does blocking ads make me safer?

Ads contain trackers that follow you across websites and track your data. One common news website loads 22 third-party trackers and ad sites.

why isn't https:// enough?

While https:// sites encrypt the content of your website, middlemen and hackers can still see which sites you are visiting. Phishing attacks now use https:// more than half the time.

how much data can i use?

Each account gets unlimited bandwidth, with one device connected at a time. You can install on as many devices as you like.

what counts as “sketchy” wifi?

2 years ago connecting to open wifi was probably ok for most people, but that has changed. It's cheaper and easier to be a hacker, and untrusted wifi – like at coffee shops and airports – is especially vulnerable.

hq network is for...

perfect for freelancers


protect client data while using public wifi

perfect for travelers


securely connect from sketchy airport and hotel wifi

perfect for families


protect your family and friends from bad actors