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We believe digital security and privacy should be accessible and convenient.

building the tools we wish existed

We created HQ because we needed easier-to-use digital security. As we saw companies become increasingly careless with our data and privacy, it became an urgent issue.

It was important to us that the system be as secure as possible. Coming from a background in networking and security, we stay up-to-date on the latest cryptography and security. We care deeply about privacy – we do not log any of your traffic and keep as little account data as possible. You can read more in our privacy policy.

dissatisfied with the status quo

Unlike the current wave of tech companies that exploit our attention and invade our privacy, we focus on providing secure, private, and convenient digital solutions and services.

We believe it should be easy to secure and control our own devices and network. We created this service to work how we wish more of the internet would – with limited javascript, tracking, and logging.

built in Los Angeles

We are based out of Los Angeles. We'd love to talk more about what you're up to – shoot us a note at founders@hq.network.

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Listen to an interview with cofounder Amanda McGlothlin on the Innovation for All Podcast.

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