our mission is to equip and inspire the underdog

we believe privacy is a fundamental human right

hq network was built for people dissatisfied with the status quo. unlike the giant corporations that exploit our attention and invade our privacy, we focus on helping creators and doers.

We believe it should be easy to secure and control our own devices. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right.

We think that technology should be broadly distributed and beneficial to everyone. We believe technology can be easier to use and more useful.

We created the site and service to work how we wish more of the internet would – with limited javascript, no cookies, and no logging. You can read more in our privacy policy.

built in los angeles

Our office is in the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles (that's a view from our roof up there!).

Let us know if you are in the neighborhood, we'd love to grab coffee and talk more about what we are up to. If you can't make it here, shoot us a note at hello@hq.network.

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