hq.network blog https://hq.network/blog/ news and tips for privacy, security, and productivity en-us Copyright 2019, Headquarters HQ Incorporated http://backend.userland.com/rss what is a VPN? https://hq.network/blog/blog/how-does-a-vpn-work https://hq.network/public/img/hq-network-on-device.jpg https://hq.network/blog/how-does-a-vpn-work sept 4, 2018 A VPN is a "virtual private network". It provides a secure, encrypted way to connect to the internet. interview with cofounder Amanda McGlothlin https://hq.network/blog/blog/innovation-for-all-podcast https://hq.network/public/img/innovation-for-all-podcast.jpg https://hq.network/blog/innovation-for-all-podcast mar 25, 2019 Cofounder Amanda McGlothlin discusses privacy and security and why we think “tech should be built for good” on the Innovation for All podcast. writing fish functions https://hq.network/blog/blog/writing-fish-functions https://hq.network/public/img/fish_shell_function.jpg https://hq.network/blog/writing-fish-functions jan 13, 2019 Use fish (shell for mac) to create your own functions, for example, this shortcut to hide all your desktop icons. WireGuard cheatsheet https://hq.network/blog/blog/cheatsheet-for-wireguard https://hq.network/public/img/coffee-shop-work-hq-network.jpg https://hq.network/blog/cheatsheet-for-wireguard oct 4, 2018 Learn how to set up a WireGuard client on a Mac. Installation instructions using the command line. digital security checklist https://hq.network/blog/blog/security-checklist https://hq.network/public/img/ios-security.jpg https://hq.network/blog/security-checklist dec 1, 2018 Do you work or access important info from sketchy wifi? Here is a checklist of basic digital security best practices. using an iPad as your main computer https://hq.network/blog/blog/using-an-ipad-for-real-work https://hq.network/public/img/hq-network-vpn-working-on-ipad-beach-image.jpg https://hq.network/blog/using-an-ipad-for-real-work oct 10, 2018 The iPad is the perfect computer for writing, note taking, drawing, and coding  —  for working wherever as a digital nomad. tip – don't load images in email automatically https://hq.network/blog/blog/security-tip-dont-auto-load-images-in-email https://hq.network/public/img/blog-dont-load-remote-images.jpg https://hq.network/blog/security-tip-dont-auto-load-images-in-email apr 26, 2019 Prevent tracking by spammers by only loading images in emails you trust.