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tip – don't load images in email automatically

Prevent tracking by spammers by only loading images in emails you trust.

You can reduce tracking by turning off images in your email.

Email seems like a one-way message, but the person who sent the message can see when you read the email by including linked images. When you open the message, the email requests the images and can track that the message was opened.

Sometimes the image included is transparent and is only used to track you (called a "web beacon").

Most email clients let you turn off showing images by default. You just hit the "load remote content" or "display remote images" button on emails/newsletters that you trust and want to see their images.

This also protects you if you accidentally open a SPAM message, by not telling the spammers that your email address is real and active.

How to disable images in email


Go to Mail > Preferences > Viewing and uncheck "Load remote content in messages".

disable images mac

You can click to "Load remote content" on any message you trust.

load images mac

published apr 26, 2019

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