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I am having trouble accessing a certain website from the VPN. help?

Try pausing HQ VPN. Contact us if you'd like to manage your own blocklist to permanently unblock sites you visit.

Because HQ VPN blocks certain domains that are mostly used for tracking, some websites will not load as expected. For example, ads.twitter.com is the URL used for both tracking users AND for accessing the admin panel for running Twitter ads.

If you need to access a website without HQ VPN, you can toggle it off temporarily from Settings > VPN (iOS) or from Settings > Network (Mac).

NOTE: If you have "connect on demand" selected, you will need to turn that off. Otherwise, your device will keep auto-reconnecting. You can turn that off by going to Settings > General > VPN, and selecting the blue "i" button next to HQ VPN name (iOS) or from Settings > Network (Mac).

Netflix & other streaming services

At this time, most streaming services block VPNs to prevent people from accessing content that is not available to them in their region. To use these services, pause HQ VPN (see above).

See support for more information and troubleshooting

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