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what technology does hq.network use?

the hq.network tech stack

The hq.network VPN uses the industry leading IKEv2/IPsec protocol leveraging built-in iOS and MacOS tools for an extremely secure VPN.

There is no need to install an app. by limiting the number of devices that we support, we can maintain the use of the best encryption methods available.

The VPN works on iOS12 and macOS 14, Mojave. Learn about which devices are supported.

modern VPN technology

  • ad, tracker, malware URL blocking
  • ecdsa secp384r1 IPsecv2 mobIKE encryption
  • DNS encryption, dnssec
  • no js or cookies (except for during payment)
  • WireGuard coming soon!

third party services

  • Digital Ocean and Vultr for cloud servers
  • Stripe for payments
  • Cloudflare for DNS (encrypted)
  • Fastmail (support email)

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