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What threats does HQ VPN protect me against?

HQ VPN protects you against ads, trackers, and malware.

untrusted wifi, like at a coffee shop

It is extremely easy for an amateur hacker in a coffee shop to see any unencrypted web or app traffic. They might also be able to see what websites you are visiting, or redirect your traffic to a phishing site.

Here is an article from the correspondent that dives into more of those risks and show what happened with a hacker in a coffee shop after 20 mins.

spear phishing and man in the middlemen

When hackers know what websites you are visiting, it makes it easier to send targeted phishing attacks.

For example, if a hacker knows when you are accessing your specific bank's website, they can send you an email that looks like it is from that bank asking you to review recent logins. By preventing people from seeing what sites you are visiting, you are less susceptible to these types of attacks

advertising tracking

We use an advertising block list at the DNS level used to prevent advertisers from tracking you across the web. We are constantly adding and revising this list to continuously monitor new tracking techniques.

wasteful data usage from ads

By blocking ad network URLs at the DNS level, we prevent ads from ever loading on your device versus simply hiding ads on the page. For users who visit a lot of ad-heavy sites, this could save you on your data usage per month.

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