built for iphone, ipad, and mac

block ads, trackers, and malware with HQ VPN

The easiest way to protect yourself when you go online.
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set it and forget it

You can set up your devices to connect automatically, protecting you everywhere.

block ads, trackers, and malware

Prevent unwanted sites from loading anything on your device.

encrypt your traffic on sketchy public wifi

Guard against phishing on local networks by encrypting your traffic.

secure your traffic from snooping ISPs

Prevent internet providers from selling your search history and throttling sites.

digital security that meets your needs

Get protection whenever and wherever you connect to the internet.


Protect your client data and passwords while working at the coffee shop.


Confidently connect to important places online – like your bank – from airport and hotel wifi.


Protect your family's privacy by blocking trackers, malware, and intrusive ads.

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"It’s so easy, I almost forgot about it until I looked something up on my friend’s phone. I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with ads and trackers anymore!"

— HQ VPN user in Austin, Texas

enterprise-grade security for everyone

HQ VPN uses the built-in VPN functionality on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to protect you in apps and on the web. We use HashiCorp Vault for our public key and encryption infrastructure. WireGuard support launching soon.
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frequently asked questions

what is early access?

You need an early access invite to use the VPN. Request early access to get on the waiting list – we're adding people regularly.

what is being blocked?

HQ VPN blocks intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious sites – like those containing malware or phishing content.

what devices are supported?

We currently support iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Android and Wireguard support coming soon!

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get early access to HQ VPN

Get 3 days free + 50% off your first bill.