protect yourself wherever you work

Are you a digital nomad? Do you work from coffee shops, hotels, airports, the beach? Protect yourself from ads, trackers, phishing, and malware on any Wi-Fi with HQ VPN.
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set it and forget it

Fewer ads, trackers, phishing, and malware wherever you connect – even on public WiFi, using a secure VPN.

block ads, trackers, and malware

Prevent sites from loading ads, trackers, and malware.

encrypt your traffic on sketchy public WiFi

Guard against phishing on local networks by encrypting your traffic.

servers in London, NY, LA, and more

Keep your connection fast and local while traveling the world.

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digital security that meets your needs

Get protection everywhere you connect to the internet.


Protect your client data and passwords while working at the coffee shop.

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Confidently visit sensitive sites – like your bank or email – from airport and hotel WiFi.

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Protect your family's privacy by providing a safe internet connection.

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Digital Nomads: You get 1 day access to HQ VPN totally free + 10% off your first bill!
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"I love the VPN. It’s like a sweater of safety wrapped around my internet connection. Cashmere, or perhaps fine merino."

— HQ VPN user in Austin, Texas

bank-level security for everyone

HQ VPN uses built-in functionality on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to protect your connection in apps and on the web. Works with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
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frequently asked questions

how does blocking ads help me?

Ads contain trackers that follow you across websites and track your data. This data can be used for phishing or other attacks.

what is being blocked?

HQ VPN blocks intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious sites – like those containing malware or phishing content.

how hard is it to set HQ VPN up?

set up takes 5 - 10 minutes and you are immediately protected. plus, we can do it for you if you prefer. easy!

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see what ad blocking looks like

Blocks intrusive ads that waste data, cause random page scrolling, and track you around the web.
HQ VPN blocks ads, an example

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Digital Nomads: You get 1 day access to HQ VPN totally free + 10% off your first bill!
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