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HQ VPN helps you protect your family

Explore how HQ VPN improves the digital security of families

ads are everywhere

While Apple is working to start limiting ads in apps aimed at kids, they have again pushed back the deadline. Even apps that seem safe for kids are often filled with ads. And kids can't always tell what is an ad and what is content.

HQ VPN blocks intrusive ads at the network level – blocking ads in apps and in the browser. It also blocks known phishing and malware, which is especially useful if you help elderly parents with tech.

family member laying on bed using an iPhone

reduce trackers and malware

Modern websites are filled with trackers, leading to breaches of privacy and security. By monitoring the apps and websites your family uses, malicious hackers can target you with spearphishing campaigns – email spam that seem very realistic because they can impersonate websites you visit or address health conditions you may be experiencing.

Read more about the explosion of 3rd party trackers.

an older adult uses an iPad

set it and forget it

One family member can manage multiple devices – easily protecting the whole family without individuals needing to manage their own. This reduces tech support time when visiting.

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