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HQ VPN protects travelers

Explore how HQ VPN improves the digital security of travelers

hotel, coffee shop, and airport WiFi is risky

Checking up on client work or personal finances while on public WiFi can leave you open to risks. Specifically, these places allow all sorts of people to connect at the same time, and you have no idea who is on this local network with you. Even if you use secure sites (using HTTPS), malicious hackers on the network can still see the sites you are visiting and attack you with spearphishing.

woman talks on iphone while using a macbook while traveling

save on data

When traveling, you often are on a reduced data plan or slow WiFi. In some estimates, trackers and ads can waste up to 50% of your bandwidth – just downloading things in the background that you never wanted.

Learn more about how websites are crammed with 3rd party trackers.

man working from airport lounge while traveling

works for digital nomads, protect yourself from cyber threats

We have global servers allowing you to stay protected as you travel, while keeping your connection fast. Contact us if you would like to see a new server location.

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