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WireGuard on hq network – no server setup, no maintenance. Optionally, enable ad blocking, malware, phishing, & tracking protection.
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frequently asked questions

any advice on setting up my own Wireguard VPN?

check out this cheatsheet for setting up a Mac client for Wireguard.

what is being blocked?

if enabled, HQ VPN blocks intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious sites – like those containing malware or phishing content.

how does blocking ads help me?

Ads contain trackers that follow you across websites and track your data. This data can be used for phishing or other attacks.

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speed of Wireguard, whatever the device

Wireguard on HQ VPN protects all your devices – Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Home Router (Open-WRT), and more. Protect your network connection with the speed of Wireguard. No maintenance.
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